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Research organizations and lab facilities

Leading Organization:

Institute of Agricultural Biology and Biotechnology, National Research Council


The Institute of Agricultural Biology and Biotechnology is part of the Bio-Agrifood Department of the National Research Council, which is the largest research institution in Italy. The Institute comprises 75 personnel units, in three different locations and performs research and technological advance in different research fields related to characterization of animals, plants and microorganisms of agrarian interest.
Research activities include studies in the field of plant biology and biotechnology with special emphasis on applied aspects concerning food, feed, fibers and fuel. Expertises are on agronomy, plant physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology and genetics and bioinformatics.
The main mission of the Institute is to increase basic knowledge on the use of organisms of agricultural interest for the help of a more sustainable agriculture, development of technologies and bio-technologies to transfer and finalized application of results acquired, formation of students and young scientists and diffusion of scientific knowledge. In Milan the IBBA occupies about 2000 square meters of laboratories and facilities. Laboratories are equipped for biochemical and molecular biology activities. Over then specialized laboratories for radioisotopes, microbiology, cell tissue cultures, genomics, microscopy, gas-chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography, and growth chambers for plant cultivation are available and well equipped. The research unit located in Lodi is dedicated to molecular studies by means of new technologies as Next Generation Sequencing and bioinformatic expertise to develop innovative molecular methods. Recently a fully equipped and integrated Genome Research Resort has been create: this infrastructure bring together the latest generation of equipment for integrated studies on genome function, and an informatics and statistical resource with computing power, libraries of software and the staff necessary to analyze complex and large datasets.
The institute has experience on OFMSW treatment in cooperation with field located plant factory, where pilot an real scale test can be set up.

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